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Midway Capital

Passive Investing in Real Estate Syndication Deals

Our goal is to offer a way to diversify from the Stock Market and create wealth through alternative investments that provide stability and protection from the volatility of Wall Street. We invest in real estate across various asset classes geared towards being hands-off, making it ideal for working professionals.


About Me

After working as a Software Engineer and maxing out my IRA and 401K for many years, I began looking for ways to diversify my investments outside of stocks. After purchasing two single-family homes and investing in multi-family apartments in different states, I started seeking ways to optimize my returns while lowering my concentration risk in individual properties. I created Midway Capital to achieve the following:

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    Most of us are hard-working individuals looking for ways to supplement or even escape their W-2 jobs, not to replace one job for another. We will enter all deals as passive Limited Partners.

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    Most great investments are restricted to the very wealthy. By co-investing, we can access better opportunities not offered to the general public and at better terms than if we'd have invested individually.

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    Consistent ROI

    Many deals I've invested in have/will cash-out refinance within the first 2-3 years, allowing us to re-invest our capital quickly into the next deal.

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